Partcipation booklet
Last information for those who will start can be found in the participation booklet. You can find it here.

Please bring some form of proof of enrolment with you to show you are/were a student (e.g. Student card, letter of enrolment).

Check below for Schedule, Location sketch, Route to & parking

Schedule 18th September 2022:

09:00Opening Registration Table
9:30-10:00Course available for warming up
10:00-11:00Start students starting license holders men
18 rounds
11:20-12:10Start students starting license holder ladies
13 rounds
12:20Podium ceremonies starting license competitions
12:50-14:10Start Students Juniors, Amateur, Sport class men
24 rounds
14:30-15:40Start Students Amateur, Belofte, Elite, Junior ladies
19 rounds
16:00-17:50Start Students Belofte, Elite, Professional-B Men
34 rounds
18:00Podium ceremonies
19:00Closing of Registration table

Location sketch:
Registration table (at the parcours): In front of VPVA Notaries
Generaal Foulkesweg 45, 6703 BM Wageningen

Clothing / shower rooms (has parking): Sports Centre de Bongerd
From 8:30-18:00 Bornsesteeg 2, 6708 PE, Wageningen

Permanence: Next to the registration table.

Route to & Parking
Route by train: Train to station Ede Wageningen from there you can take a straight road to Wageningen through Bennekom by heading south.
By car: Parking is available at the Sports Centre de Bongerd but also next to the registration table at the Dreijen, enter however through the North or East side, as the South is blocked by the parcours.