We are the Wageningen Student Cycling Association Hellingproof W.S.W.V. Hellingproof, the student cycling club of the University Of Wageningen, founded in 2013, and that aim at connecting students that share a passion for cycling. We are proud to say that 120 members form this club from different backgrounds such as Road cycling, gravel, and MTB and with different levels, from novice cyclists to those promising for a regional team.

This year we will be the organizers of the Dutch Cycling Student Championship under the KNWU flag on September 18th. The Road cycling Dutch Student Championship (NSK) is the annual event on the cycling calendar that is traditionally held at the end of the season as the closing event of the national student cup series. The race will be held in the municipality of Wageningen on the beautiful 2.2 kilometer circuit of the Wageningense Muur which will unveil a total of three KNWU champion jerseys and two jerseys for the non-license holders. 

This website will provide you with all the information you need to keep up in touch with the event and its organisers.